Case Study -1


• Vessels : 6750 TEU & 13119 TEU containers

• Scope of assessment : Container vessels had modified the bow for saving energy and fuel consumption

• Conclusion : The savings in fuel was not found justifying the investment on the modification.This was a major decision taken by the owners before huge investment

Case Study -2


• Vessels : Containers & Bulkers

• Scope of assessment : A special paint was applied for one of the sister vessel after DD on the claim for a lesser hull fouling

• Conclusion : The specially painted vessel performance was compared with her sister vessels performance and found the claim to be valid and ROI was good

* Paint study is typical example. Similar studies were carried out for PBCF installation, silicon coating on propeller etc.

Case Study – 3


• Vessels : Containers

• Scope of assessment : To access the common reporting errors and rectify

• Conclusion : A major reporting error was found in reporting the fuel* Helped the owners to identify an issue in calibration of flow meters

* The reported data was analysed using the data monitoring tool and found a mismatch between the reported FO and ROB against the bunker data.